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Bottom pouring furnaces in large operations are typically of the non-tilting variety. To extract the molten metal from these furnaces through the tap hole, a specialized method is employed. High-frequency induction-welded low carbon mild steel tubes, designed to withstand pressures of up to 750 PSI, are utilized for this purpose. These tubes come in various sizes, such as 8mm NB, 15mm NB, or even 25mm NB in certain cases.

To initiate the flow of molten metal, high-pressure oxygen is injected through these tubes into the tap hole. The rate of pipe consumption is determined by the specific requirements of the Ferro alloy, steel, copper, or zinc plant. Essentially, these lance pipes play a crucial role in the process of opening the tap holes in bottom pouring furnaces.

No IS-1239 and IS-10577/82 is not the same. IS-10577/82 is actually the IS which specifies the requirements of a Lancing Pipe. IS-1239 is primarily meant for Water Tubes.,

No NB Stands for Nominal Bore. It is not the same as OD (Outside diameter). NB is a Nomenclature and is basically the name assigned to that particular Pipes. Please refer to the IS-10577/82 given in our Products to get the correct Outside diameter and Thickness of each pipe Category. As per the IS the pipes are classified by their OD (Outside Diameter) and not ID (Inside diameter). This is because the pipes need to be threaded at both ends or at one end as such the OD cannot vary beyond a certain range as specified in the IS.

In our opinion one should buy in terms of Metric Ton rather than in terms of Meters/Pieces. This is because when one is buying in terms of meter then it is not possible to check the thickness of each and every pipe. Neither is it possible to count the exact numbers of bundles nor is it possible to verify what is the number of pipes in each bundle. Last but not of the least importance it is not possible to measure the lenght of each pipe because generally the pipes are supplied in bundle which appear like Broom Sticks (Not in our case as tolerance in lenght is 0.1 Meters) . Looking at the reasons stated above our Company prefers to supply these pipes in terms of Metric Tons. However should a Customer insist on buying in terms of Meters we want the Weight per meter as stated in the IS to be mentioned in the purchase order so that there is no scope for foul play and materials are supplied strictly as per the Indian Standards or British Standard as the case may be.

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The company is situated in ADDA Industrial Area, Durgapur, West Bengal, India.

DURGAPUR TUBES PVT. LIMITED operates within a spacious factory spread across approximately 7,000 square meters, with a factory shed covering around 20,000 square feet. The company benefits from uninterrupted power and water supply provided by Durgapur Projects Limited.

The company maintains a strong commitment to quality. They have a fully-equipped laboratory for quality control and conduct continuous checks during production to ensure the quality of their products.

While the company initially served customers in West Bengal, they have expanded their customer base across India, from Tamil Nadu in the South to Kashmir in the North, and from Gujarat in the West to Arunachal in the North East. Additionally, they export their products to Africa, the Middle East, Bhutan, and Europe.

DURGAPUR TUBES PVT. LIMITED is forward-looking and relies on advanced market planning as a major strategy for growth. They continuously focus on quality improvement and innovation to attract high-profile customers in India and abroad.

Yes, the company is actively pursuing expansion and modernization plans to increase production capacity, enhance product quality, and reduce costs.

Expansion and consolidation are at the core of the company’s corporate philosophy. They aim to provide quality products on time at competitive prices while ensuring they pay the highest possible wages.

The company was established in 1988, and it has a 35-year history of operations.

DURGAPUR TUBES PVT. LIMITED exports its products to various countries in Africa and the Middle East, but specific details may vary.
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