LC Format

Important : The LC should be sent online to our banker from your bank directly as per RBI directives.
N.B:-Please note that for dispatches against LC will take 3-4 days fiom the date of receipt of Negotiable & Non Negotiable Copy of LC along with any necessary amendments that may be required by 0urBanker.

Date of issue : 01.01.2009
LC no. : aabbccl2345
Amount of UC : Rs.10,00,000/-
Tolerance: 2%
Expiry Date & Place : 15.02.2009
Applicant Name & Address :
Do F erro Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
Demo Street Durgapur
Negotiable copy :
Form of LC : lrrevocable

Advising Bank -
Legend Building City Center
Durgapur-713216, West Bengal.

Beneficiary Details -
M/s Durgapur Tubes Pvt. Ltd
Lenin Sarani,
Durgapur -713210

This credit is subject to uniform customs and practices for documentary credit ICC publication no. 500

Dear Sir,
We hereby issue in your favor this documentary credit which is available by negotiation of your draft (s) at 90 days usance from the date of dispatch drawn on State Bank of India, trade finance central processing centre, SBI zonal office complex, Durgapur A/c Demo Ferro Alloys Pvt Ltd bearing the number, date of issue and name of the issuing bank of this credit for 100 % of invoice value accompanied by the following documents.
Documents required :

. Original for buyer copy of invoice along with a Xerox copy of the same for shipment of lancing tube.
. Copy of consignment note (Lorry Receipt) marked freight to pay evidencing dispatch from Bank approved carriers.

8mm NB MS Lancing Tubes as per IS 10577/82. Length-6 to7 meters threaded at both ends & socketed at one end.
(Only Specifications should be mentioned here. Purchase Order etc must not be written here) Issue Date :
LC Number:
lnco terms: FOB
Shipment from : Durgapur Tubes Pvt. Ltd
N.N.Bose Road, Durgapur-11
Ship to :
Latest Shipment Date : 30_01_2009
Partial Shipment : Allowed
Transshipment : Allowed
Confirmation : No

Additional conditions / special instruction:
  1. Dispatch form M/S Durgapur Tubes Pvt. Ltd, Durgapur-713211 to unit -1. M/S Demo Ferro
  2. Alloys Pvt Ltd, Demo Street Durgapur District Burdwan Durgapur.
  3. Product nomenclature to read as 8 mm N.B. M.S lancing tube.
  4. Interest for the usance period of 90 days to be home by the applicant not exceeding @l3%.
  5. All bank charges including reimbursement and discounting changes to applicants account.
  6. Without recourse to beneficiary.

We hereby engage with drawers and/or bona fide holders that drafts drawn and negotiated in conformity with the terms of this credit will be duly honored on presentation and that drafts accepted within the terms of this credit will be duly honored at maturity. The amount of each draft must be endorsed on the reverse of this credit by the negotiating bank the advising bank is required to notify the beneficiary.
Yours faithfully

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